Review: Blush Novelties Avant D1

Avant D1 next to my card & Rubiks Cube for size comparison


This was one of the first dildos that once sighted online, my vagina decided it had to have. At this point in my life, my (ex) partner had discovered my G-Spot for me, but alas me and my short arms and short fingers couldn’t reach it without straining, and that was annoying after more than a minute of trying.

The Avant D2 (the purple variant of the Avant D1, which I wanted more because of the color palette) looked like the perfect match. I called around a half dozen sex toy stores in the city asking if they had it, but none of them did. It seemed that all the stores had decided to only carry the Avant D1. After about two weeks, I gave up searching for the D2 and ended up getting the D1 from a local shop.

What's in the Box

Much like the Avant D4, the Avant D1 came in a lengthy white and gradient box. Pretty, but not very ergonomic – not exactly suitable for long term storage if you have more than a small handful of toys. Once you slide the paper sleeve off, you’re left with the plastic cut-out and the Avant D1.

First Glance

Because I had looked the toy over in the store prior to purchase (it was on display), I knew exactly what to expect when getting it out of the box. Something I did notice, however, was that unlike the in-store model, this one was more silky-matte. The one in the store seemed more slick/shiny. With use/cleaning, it seems this matte stuff does indeed comes off, revealing the glossy/shiny silicone underneath.

Silky-matte texture aside, I was immediately happy with the toy’s overall feeling. Slightly squishy, yet firm. Not dual density, sadly. Flexible, yet keeping its general shape. I was still upset that I couldn’t get the colors I wanted, but I wouldn’t be seeing it much once I started using it anyway, so I put that complaint aside.

Like the Avant D4, this toy’s density is a bit on the firmer side: you can feel it in your hands, but as you’ll see later on in this post, can’t feel it that much while it’s in use. When I stuck the toy to my desk, it held on quite well.

First Trial

The first trial, although very pleasurable, didn’t make me cum. It was on my trusty bean bag. As my body melted into the softness beneath me, I took my time with turning myself on with my fingertips. Fast forward some 15 minutes later, I needed something inside me, and my fingers clearly weren’t enough. Cue Avant D1’s entrance. Literally. Simply running it over my vulva lubricated it more than enough to slip it into myself.

The head slid in easily; the shaft followed quickly – without any resistance whatsoever. The girth (1.5in) was easy for me to adjust to – hell, I didn’t even need to. Frankly, Avant D1 felt like a missing puzzle piece. And it hit my G-Spot right off the bat. I no longer had to worry about my short fingers being too short to reach it. At the time, I didn’t have a pressure wave toy, so I didn’t get an orgasm out of this toy for many months.

Long story short, I ended up thrusting the Avant D1 into my rather-deprived vagina for a good hour and a half. I was enamored with its (what I then thought was) plushness. I flexed my kegels around it, enjoying what I thought was luxurious, and lost myself in my own thoughts. Looking back on that experience a year later – now I know better.

Re-Trials & What it Feels Like 

Following that first trial, I couldn’t get enough of this dildo. I recommended it to all my friends. I even invited a handful over, insisting that they touch the toy that had borderline possessed me. I deduced that everyone had to feel what the Avant D1 had to offer.

But after many months of use and trying other toys with [dual-density], I realized that the Avant D1 felt kinda meh, for lack of a better word. It was nice, but I had clearly over-hyped the whole ordeal. Once I had gotten my hands on some pressure-wave toys and using them together with the Avant D1, getting orgasms out of myself was actually possible. If I press a [wand] to the base of the Avant D1, my entire vagina shouts for joy.

The suction cup is fantastic. Sticks to whatever solid surface you decide on easily. I have lost count of how many times I’ve stuck this to the tiles in the shower, to my biology textbook in bed, and to the palm of my hand for fun. Also, the Avant D1 is one of those toys I can easily thrust without worrying about it bruising my cervix. Yes, it reaches my cervix, easily, and I can apply pressure to it, grind if I want to. 

Comparisons to Other Toys

Frankly, I can’t compare this toy to others in my current collection. I hope that one day, I’ll be able to compare it to something. I am aware of there being a single-color version of this toy known as the Real Nude Helio (Indigo), but I have not toyed with it. Rumor has it that it’s the dual density variant of the Avant D1.


This toy is right smack in the middle of medium – a 1.5in girth. Perfect for the average user. The asymmetrical shape of the toy is amazeballs. One thing I dislike about dildos is that you can’t feel much of a difference if you rotate them. However, with the Avant D1, it feels like a different toy from every rotation you use. The subtle curve makes it feel different, so that’s got bonus points in my book.

It’s got a powerful suction cup, which can make do as a flared base if you wish to use this toy anally. If you do, make sure to always give it a proper cleaning before using it vaginally. As mentioned in the beginning, I was initially aiming for the Avant D2 – simply for the colors. This palette isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s better than a plain ol’ pink or purple dildo. The market’s oversaturated with that color, and I’ll give anything to avoid those. Lastly, satin-smooth as it is, this dildo is a lint magnet.

Orgasm/Squirting Notes

I can only achieve orgasm if I use a pressure wave toy in tandem with the Avant D1. Simply thrusting it into myself doesn’t cut it for me. Using only a wand with this toy doesn’t cut it for me either. I suppose you could say my body’s picky, but I’m happy I can walk away with some kind of climax most of the time. If (and when) I do cum with this toy, it’s okay. It’s not euphoric, but it’s not disappointing, either. If I were to pick a dildo out to masturbate with, I would only choose the Avant D1 once in a blue moon, because I have others that do the job better.

Overall Verdict

Long story short, the Avant D1 is a nice 1.5in dildo. It falls right smack in the middle of the average in girth category for me, and it’s something I would recommend to pretty much anyone that isn’t desperate for something with [dual density]. The colors are nice, the shape provides loads of variety between different rotations, and the suction cup is textbook quality. I can’t orgasm with this toy alone, but it works quite nicely with wands and clit toys.

Blush Novelties Avant D1

Poor Material Great Material
Awful Shape Amazing Shape
Not Artful Aesthetically Pleasing
Unpleasant Shape Lovely Shape
No squirt Divine Squirt
No Orgasm Explosive
The good
  • Platinum Cured silicone
  • Fantastic suction cup
  • Great curve; feels very different based on rotation
  • Good for those that prefer small-medium girths
The bad
  • Lint Magnet
  • May be a bit small for some
I recommend buying from these stores:
Betty's Toybox

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