Review: Blush Novelties Avant D4

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Avant D4 next to my card & Rubiks Cube for size comparison


I fell in love with Blush Novelties’ Avant D4 from the first time I saw it in an online shop mid 2018. It got to the point where I would vividly dream about using it several times a week, without even owning it. Individually hand-poured and a work of art on its own, the Avant D4 is a gorgeous dildo. Mine arrived in early August 2018 – in a sealed plastic box encased in a gradient paper sleeve. The box’s pretty damn big, not efficient for storage at all.

Although I now regret where I ordered it from (Amazon), I’ve learned my lesson, and I’ll never buy sex toys from there again. Quick warning: don’t buy sex toys from Amazon/eBay/Wish – they’ve quite the reputation of selling counterfeit, used & mislabeled items. You’re better off buying from reputable online stores that have a good history and specialize in sex toys.

What's in the Box

After you pull off the paper sleeve, you’ve got the plastic cut out – and Avant D4.

First Glance

The first thing that rushed through my mind as soon as I got my hands on this toy was – How is this ever gonna fit? When I had bought the Avant D4, I hadn’t used anything bigger than a 1.25in girth toy – for comparison, the Avant D4 is 1.75in girth.

Turning the dildo over in my hands, I marveled at how silky smooth it was. The density is a bit on the firmer side. I foolishly stuck the toy to the floor. And then I couldn’t pry it off for the next few minutes. It makes a great ‘pop’ sound both when getting attached and detached to a flat surface.

First Trial

The first few trials with the Avant D4 were a living nightmare. Even with loads of preparation and lube. As mentioned before, I was not used to that kind of girth at all. I wasn’t able to take the entire toy until later down the road. I couldn’t even get the ‘head’ in without feeling as if I were tearing myself apart at first. I recall my best friend telling me: “if there’s a will, there’s a way” – and she was right. I was ridiculously willful about this toy.

When I finally managed to stretch myself just enough to be able take the head, the remainder of the shaft followed with minor trouble. There was a little pain with thrusting, as this was the largest toy I had tried up until then, but it quickly began to fade as I became increasingly aroused. Long story short, I didn’t manage to cum with this toy for months upon months – simply because at that point in time, it was too big for me. But things are different now.

Re-Trials & What it Feels Like

This toy needed a lot of practice before it actually became pleasurable to me. Jumping from 1.25in to 1.75in girths is not easy. Several weeks after the first few attempts, I had stretched enough to be able to fit the Avant D4 without any discomfort. And it felt rather lovely – but only when thrusting it very slowly.

The deal with this dildo is – it likes to pop over my pubic bone more than any other toy I’ve tried. This is neither pleasurable nor is it unpleasant – it’s just something this toy does, especially with the very-prominent head.

This doesn’t happen when I thrust slowly, only when I thrust quickly. When going slow, the head applies a nice pressure to my G-Spot, and I can’t complain about that.

Yes, those wavy bumps can be felt; they feel wonderful. The way they spread my labia apart and let them close with each thrust is akin to a lover’s tongue, but in dildo form – likely because there’s a somewhat flat bit at the top of those wavy bumps. There’s only [one other dildo] that replicates this unique sensation through shape alone.

The bumps on the shaft don’t really reach my G-Spot as much as I wish they would – there isn’t any curve in the actual shaft to do that. Despite being rather flexible, the dildo stands straight up instead of at an angle/curve. I feel like that would make the sensations from the bumps feel better. The firmness is okay. Just okay. Basically, it’s not something to beat your wallet up over. I would only get the Avant D4 for its lovely shape, period.

The suction cup sticks to flat surfaces like a beast that had no luck hunting last week and finally got hold of something that could satisfy its empty stomach. It might slip a bit if you try using it on the tiles in the shower, but it won’t detach from the wall. If you struggle to remove it from the tiles like I did, pour hot water over it, and it’ll eventually let go.

Comparisons to Other Toys

I don’t have that vast of a collection (yet), but I do have [Bonbon], which yields a similar feeling – regarding those lovely caresses over my labia. I do wish that designers of these toys would toss more of this caliber out on the market – they’re quite fun to watch while in use, whether it’s in a mirror or on a recording.


The Avant D4 is on the higher end of the medium spectrum of toys. Previously, I had been using dildos and vibrators up to 1.25in in girth, and even with the dual density, the D4 wasn’t forgiving enough for me to play with it until I spent adequate time stretching myself and drowning my vagina in Sliquid Sea.

The color choices are decent at best. At least I willfully chose pink rather than being forced to accept it. I adore multi-colored toys, and even moreso when they’re in various shades of blue. Sadly, this model only comes in two color palettes (summer fling & sexy in pink), and one solid color (suko violet [more of a magenta imho]). The suction cup acts like a great flared base for those that want to use this toy anally, but that's not my cup of tea. Make sure to sanitize thoroughly if you're swapping between using this toy anally and vaginally.

I wish the Avant D4 didn’t create that popping sensation whenever I’m thrusting more quickly or riding it on the wall. It makes me feel like a champagne bottle cork that’s having a bad day. Again, it’s neither painful nor is it pleasant, but I feel that if the head were a little smaller, it wouldn’t create that odd sensation. Perhaps some find it alluring, but I don’t.

Orgasm/Squirting Notes

Despite having this toy since mid-2018, I have yet to have an orgasm with it – even when used with pressure-wave type toys. Usually, a good G-Spot dildo and a pressure-wave toy are enough to make me orgasm at least once in a toy's lifetime, but the Avant D4 hasn’t graced me with that luxury.

It has, however, helped in making me squirt a bunch of times. If I’m running a steady stream of water on my clit, using my beloved Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable, or indulging in a pressure-wave toy atop my clit, it can force a few unwilling squirts out of my body. Not a bad thing.

Overall Verdict

In short, the Avant D4 is a lovely, albeit slightly girthy toy – likely not meant for those that aren’t used to taking something more than 1.25in (again, this toy is 1.75in in girth), like I had foolishly done back in 2018. The shape is ridiculously appealing to my mind – I still find it to be a very sexy toy, and just handling it to take photos for this post made me want to give it a ride.

It fails to make me orgasm (both on its own and with the help of other toys), but it’s excellent at creating buildup over time. I hope to one day find a dildo with similar shape, size, but far more squish so I could feel it while clenching my kegel muscles.

Blush Novelties Avant D4

Poor Material Great Material
Awful Shape Amazing Shape
Not Artful Aesthetically Pleasing
Unpleasant Shape Lovely Shape
No squirt Divine Squirt
No Orgasm Explosive
The good
  • Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Fantastic Suction Cup
  • Wavy bumps on my labia = love
  • Head stimulates G-Spot well.
  • Good for those that like medium-larger toys
The bad
  • May be too large for some
  • Bumps don't stimulate G-Spot much (no shaft curve)
  • Lint Magnet
I recommend buying from these stores:
Betty's ToyBox

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