Disclosure & Policies

This blog is intended for adults 18 years of age and older.

This page contains the Disclosure & Polices pertaining my personal blog, Miss Climax. If you do not agree with them, I ask that you kindly take your leave.

Miss Climax is a personal blog. Amidst reviews of sex toys and journal entries, you may find the occasional health-related text. I am not a healthcare professional, and the advice I provide is based on my own experiences and should be taken as that and no more. Sometimes I may use a toy differently from what its intended use is – make sure to always read through the product manual before trying what I did.

Throughout my reviews and blog, you will find affiliate links. As per FTC guidelines, I disclose the fact at the top of each article. If you choose to purchase something by clicking my affiliate link, banner, or by using any of my discount codes, I will receive a percentage commission (at no extra cost to you). If you like my blog and want to support it, please clear your cookie history prior to clicking any links so the respective store knows the commission should go to me. Affiliate relationships do not affect my opinion on any given toy.

Anonymity Policy

Miss Climax is an anonymous blog. By working with me, you agree to uphold my anonymity. Any company or persons found to share my private information (name/mailing address/phone number/location) will be pursued legally to the fullest extent.

Morality Clause

Miss Climax reserves the right to remove, deny, and/or disclaim posts, reviews, or banners associated with companies with no warning, and with no compensation to them, whose practices or reputation (in marketing or otherwise), I find, in my opinion, to be racist, sexist, homophobic, fat-shaming, transphobic, condone any form of non-consensual acts, sexual harassment/assault or pedophilia, or are otherwise domineering.

Using My Content

Above all, the morality section applies.

Miss Climax’s contents can be shared via click-through link. You may quote the contents of this blog if you provide full credit and keep the quote to fifty(50) words or less and use a do-follow link back to the article in question. Aside from that, do not duplicate anything you find on this blog. Do not crop my photos, blur out/pixelate my cards, or remove my watermarks from my images. Do not inline-link, leech, or piggy-back my content in any manner.

Product Review Policy

Above all, the morality section applies.

  1. I do not guarantee a positive review. I will present only my honest & unbiased opinion.
    1. There will be no compensation of any form to you for either positive or negative reviews.
    2. I may not write negative reviews often, but should the need arise, I reserve the right to publish it if I find the product displeasing.
    3. I will not allow pre-screening or provide previews of my reviews (paid or unpaid) to you prior to publication. Everything in terms of language and content will be entirely in my control.
    4. I will not change my review or remove it from my blog once it has been published on the request of any company.
  2. If you have a deadline, specify it before I agree to review the product.
  3. I do not review porous insertable products. I will only review insertable items made of 100% silicone/stainless steel/glass. I do not review silicone blends. I do not review items with phthalates or other harmful/questionable materials.
    1. I will likely agree to items (such as wands) that have handles/non-insertable parts made of other materials, such as ABS plastic.
  4. You may not request compensation in the form of payment, refund, or for the product to be returned, regardless of whether my review is positive or negative.
  5. Albeit this is rarely the case, I will not test, review, or return (to be restocked or otherwise) obviously defective products.
    1. If, after reaching out to you, I do not receive a replacement, the commitment to review no longer holds.
    2. There will be no refunds.
  6. I am not responsible for products that I don’t receive (ex.: lost in shipping).
    1. I am not responsible for the cost of the item or the shipping fees.
  7. I reserve the right to link to one or more of your distributors with whom I have an affiliate relationship.
  8. I reserve the right to compare other goods to yours by linking the respective reviews that may or may not feature another brand or store’s items.
  9. If you no longer carry the item I reviewed or your shop/affiliate program closes, I reserve the right to link to another store/affiliate program that continues to sell that item.
  10. Items sent without my up-front consent will be considered a gift and may or may not be reviewed.
  11.  Because this personal blog only reviews body-safe, non-porous, and non-toxic items, I must be comfortable with endorsing your firm’s safety standards.
    1. I will not lead my readers to questionably safe websites/stores.
    2. Most if not all of your products should be body-safe, non-porous, and non-toxic.
  12.  I will only use no-follow links.

Privacy Policy (work in progress)

Miss Climax uses the “Let’s Encrypt Certificate”, which is RSA-signed using 2048-bit RSA keys. This establishes a secure connection and encrypts your actions on my site. If you find a non-secure page, this is not intentional – please reach out to me so I can fix it.

Miss Climax tracks sales via affiliate link cookies. This information is stored in the respective affiliate programs’ servers. Some may log IP addresses. This data is not accessible to me.

As of March 2020, Miss Climax has Google Analytics & Google SEO enabled, and has default settings turned on. It is currently not being used in any manner as this blog is not yet fully set up. I will update this section at a later time (likely within 3-9 months) with notes on my customizations in that regard. I have no intention to use or have any interest in personally identifiable data. If any such data gets collected, it is unintentional.

My contact form plugin only sends the information the user explicitly discloses in the form. My plugins, Relevanssi and ThirstyAffiliates, have IP logging turned off, but do log other information such as search queries and clicks. I have configured them to not collect personally-identifiable data.

This section will get updated after the initial setup of this blog is complete.

This Disclosure & Policies page contents are subject to change without notice.