Journal: I hate Pink.

I can’t be the only one who hates this overused “glamorous” color. Ugh.

A small handful of pink toys

Hold my Matcha for a sec and let me get something off my chest.

I despise pink.

Like every shade of it. Just like how Epiphora does, who I deeply admire. I can’t help but vent about it myself, and need to do it sooner rather than later, because despite only writing about a small handful of reviews so far, I keep bringing it up in every review that has some shade of this so-called ‘feminine’ color. I’m slowly developing an aversion for various purples, too.

I didn’t always hate it.

But I never ‘naturally’ liked it, either. There was, however, a time I actually forced myself to tolerate it, and asked my parents for pink things (a PS2 controller?) to dissuade my younger brother from taking my shit without asking for my permission or using it with his friends, who would throw things around carelessly. That didn’t last too long, but at least my controller still works, and his doesn’t. Fuck pink, for real.

Spurt of pink-tolerance aside:

I took a wonderful class about the Psychology of Women in my first or second year of Uni and I’m totally reviewing my handwritten notes to back me up here. It was called “Psychology 281” back then, and we covered a plethora of topics ranging from ‘Gender Stereotypes’ to ‘Gender Differences in Salaries’ to ‘Microaggressions & Discrimination’.

My University professor covered a lot. And it was great.

One particular lesson stood out to me more than the others, though. It was that about gendered marketing things: the unnecessary “For Her” variants of everyday items, and ”Pink Tax” & Gender-Based Price discrimination bullshit… – i.e., the differences in pricing on simple shit like razors, deodorant, and even stool softener. Bigger things like purchasing cars and health insurance aren’t any better. Like, what even? Male/Female bowel movement discrimination? 

Our sexist culture dictates: pink = “girly”; feminine = “weak”.

We’re introduced to this abhorrent sexism and gender stereotypes even before birth. Baby clothes, baby shower balloons, ‘gender reveal’ cakes filled with pink and blue M&M’s, the cradles, clothes – all blatantly marketed to ‘our genders’. Look in any store’s toy isle: boys’ toys are surrounded by “stealth, hero, weapons, & vehicles”, and girls’ toys “princesses, love, babies, & fashion”. Heroes marketed for boys are independent, strong, can fight their way through any troubles, whereas princesses are usually rather passive, dependent, and helpless. Don’t get me started on Barbies. 

We grow up with all these negatives associated with pink.

Because women are, by default, physically the weaker sex, (thanks, Testosterone) pink’s also seen as a “delicate” or “harmless” color. Those adjectives feel like an uncanny form of passive aggression. Pink wasn’t even a “feminine” color until the 1940’s, though. Before that, it was revered as masculine – a “light red”. It was even labelled as warlike. Like, what gives? As soon as stores noticed women were buying it a lil’ more often than men, it suddenly lost its valor? Please. 

Frankly, it feels like every sex toy company out there thinks “Is the toy for someone with vagina? Make it Pink.” 

Or some off shade of pink like magenta or “cerise”. A close second is various shades of violet, and the main reason why part of me regrets this somewhat-purpley color palette I’ve got going for my blog. But is my blog – Miss Climax – no, am I the fragile one here? Is this feminine? Girly? Graceful? Sensitive? No. My blog’s about taking a stance against anorgasmia and flaunting my hard-earned orgasms in its face.

It’s not weak or cute or glamorous. It’s outright powerful. It’s a war cry that rings out strong, loud, and clear.

I face my anorgasmic self head on every time I masturbate, as impossible as it may feel, as difficult as it is, just to prove myself from 10 years ago wrong. I do this to encourage those like me, who struggle with achieving orgasm, because that’s what I needed 10 years ago. I needed someone to tell me it’s okay and to keep trying new things, even if they feel unattainable.

Sometimes it takes me 3-4 hours to get one orgasm, without edging, and I’m not multi-orgasmic. It’s exhausting.

Who wouldn’t be exhausted after something like that? It’s literally a workout. I envy those who can cum in mere minutes. Occasionally, I’ll strike jackpot and reach orgasm in some 15-20 minutes, but usually I’m not that lucky. Most people in similar situations have already given up at this point, accepting that they simply cannot climax at all as a loss. The sheer thought of my perseverance being labelled as “helpless” or “fragile” — because I’m female, because I have only pink toys to choose from, makes me fume and want to avoid any product of that color.

Conclusion: I don’t want a collection of same-colored toys; if I were going for a single-color theme, it’d be blue. 

But that’s boring and unentertaining. Seriously, I want all the colors. I want neon yellows and lime greens; I want marbleized tie-dyes and oranges and opaque variants too. But seriously, I want blues. I fucking love the color blue on sex toys. But instead, the gendered marketing flooded us with pink. If you have any influence on the color choices of future sex toys, please pitch blues. Seriously. Oh, and suggest glitter, too. 🙂

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