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Alya next to my Rubik's cube & card for size comparison


The story behind Alya is this – my favorite color is blue. This thing is the most gorgeous blue. The minute I saw it in EdenFantasys catalog, I knew I had to have it. At the same time, another small vibe, [Saiph] caught my eye – but less so. Long story short, I ended up getting both because of just how adorable they were - and they were on sale.

What's in the Box

I’m gonna be honest here – there was no box. Alya arrived in a clear plastic bag, inside a transparent mesh-like storage pouch with a tie-string labelled “Sex Toys” throughout its length. Not the sexiest form of storage, but storage, nonetheless.

First Glance

The moment I set eyes on this little thing, I was immediately filled with excitement. The blue is absolutely stunning. I only wish that other sex toy companies would catch on the fact that not everyone likes the color pink. Or purple. For the love of God, I hate it when it feels as if companies seem to think: “oh, product’s meant for someone with a vagina? An over-saturated pink or purple is the only acceptable answer.” Short vent aside, I immediately set Alya to charge, then went about my day.


Charging Alya via USB is simple - while charging, the little LED’s lit – once it’s done, it turns off and is ready to go. This toy's charging port does not have the weird 'penetrate this thin membrane and find your way into the charging port' feeling - looking at you, We-Vibe Rave. It takes a little over an hour to charge and lasts about an hour while on the top speed.

Basic Controls

Alya’s got 3 buttons. The +/- control the (5) intensity settings. The center button acts as a power button (3 second press on/off) and lets you shuffle through the (7) patterns.


  • ● Rapid pulses on both rabbit ears and shaft
    ● alternating pulses between rabbit ears and shaft
    ● 10 short pulses & 1 long escalating pulse on shaft alternating with same on ears 
    ● simple alternating between shaft and ears escalating
    ● slow alternating then fast alternating pulses
    ● 10 pulses on shaft & 10 pulses on rabbit ears
    ● 4 quick pulses > 4 slightly longer pulses on shaft then the same on the rabbit ears.

First Trial

I was super excited to give Alya a try. Little did I know that it wouldn’t be too compatible with body’s anatomy. It's got a 3.5in insertable length, 1.5in circumference around that bulbous head, and its total length is just under 6in. The shaft's a little flexible beneath the head, but aside from that, it's a rigid toy. Like most other silicone vibrators, it's not squishy.

Before giving Alya a go, I experimented with the different patterns. I had to see if there was anything that would surprise me or catch me off guard. If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you’ll know I despise patterns with a burning passion. Unfortunately, this toy doesn’t have any steady vibration settings, so that discovery didn’t make me too happy.

Since there were no steady vibration settings, I had to opt for one that resembled it most closely: rapid pulses that almost blended into one continuous buzz when I let my mind wonder.

Although Alya’s shaft is relatively small in terms of girth, its head is not. In fact, I found it a bit difficult to insert without a decently-sized few drops of Sliquid Sea. Once I had managed to slip it in, though, we were faced with another problem: Alya wasn’t exactly compatible with my anatomy.

I can’t reach my G-Spot and clitoris at the same time when using Alya. I want to, but those lil’ bunny ears are way too short. The only way to stimulate my clit is to… deprive my G-Spot. Or I guess we can go with the middlepoint and thrust away, hoping that it’ll be more than just a hit or miss. Sadly, it was more of a miss than a hit majority of the time.

Regardless of incompatible anatomy between myself and Alya, I did manage to get an orgasm out of this toy – after about an hour of struggling for it. It wasn’t exactly satisfactory, but it happened, so I’ll give it the credit it deserves in that regard.

Cleanup is a cakewalk. This vibe’s waterproof and silicone, so just soap and water will do fine. Others may opt for toy cleaner, but that’s not really my cup of tea.


Subsequent trials with Alya resulted in nigh-identical results. Although the head’s shape is wonderful and caresses my G-Spot like a pro, I can’t really use it on said G-Spot unless I’m willing to give up the beloved clitoral stimulation between the two bunny ears. I would like it if either the ears or shaft were lengthier, because according to EdenFantasys, there's 3 motors involved in this toy, two of which can be found in those ears.

However, complaints about the shortness aside, those ears do quite well on remainder my vulva. Different rotations of this toy let me stimulate different sections of my vulva and while it does feel pleasant, it does not make me cum.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. On multiple occasions, in my desperation and frustration to reach orgasm, I ended up pressing the rabbit ears down and slipping those into my vagina alongside the shaft. It certainly wasn’t as pleasurable as I had hoped and imagined – it was simply weird. I wouldn’t really recommend buying this toy for that sole purpose.

Additionally, it got more difficult to cum with Alya. Not impossible, yet, but still rather difficult. It’d be easier if I had the constant vibration option I keep mentioning, as that’s what I like best.

What it Feels Like

This vibrator feels rather pleasant. Its strength is about average, and I would recommend it to those that have a short distance between their clitoris and G-Spot. The silicone its covered in has a matte-like quality to it, and it will attract lint, hair, and dust like a pro. It also likes to get static electricity going if it somehow rubs against a particular blanket of mine. I don't think I would recommend this toys to beginners because even if the shaft itself isn't too girthy, I doubt the head would be easy to take.

Comparisons to Other Toys

Alya can be best compared to [Saiph] – simply because of its overall size and the little O-loop at the base. They have similar strengths, and I want to believe even the same internal motor, but I don’t have a way to check this. Their shafts have wildly different shapes, and the clitoral portions can't be compared at all. Needless to say, I like Alya's shaft better.


Alya’s strength is pretty average. Not too weak, not overpowering. There are seven patterns. Because the toy remembers the last-used pattern before turning it off (thankfully), I can’t recall what was the default pattern it begins with. Also, these patterns are very strange and I find them difficult to describe. I dislike them all, but if I had to pick one, it’d be the ‘rapid pulses’. The longer I masturbate, the more they blend into something akin to that of a constant speed. Additionally, the vibrations are a little buzzy. Just a little. Not terribad.


In terms of sound, Alya's on the quieter side of things. It can’t be heard behind a closed door, but I can hear it from beneath my blankets on the higher levels. It sounds like a dull phone vibration beneath the covers, and like white noise when in the shower.


Design would’ve been better if the shaft (or rabbit ears) were longer. While I do adore the color, it’s really difficult to actually get off with Alya. The loop is a bit small, and I'm saying this as someone with very small hands. I don't really use it as much as I thought I would (this was my first toy with a loop handle), but it's there. 

Orgasm/Squirting Notes

The most I’ve ever gotten out of Alya has been an unsatisfactory orgasm a few times. It’s difficult for me to cum due to my beloved anorgasmic status, but I do know the difference between a good orgasm and a poorly-orchestrated one. If I were to describe the orgasm I got from Alya, it’d simply be ‘meh’. I imagine that the buildup would have been better if our anatomy clicked. I assume my orgasm would be better as well.

My squirts with Alya are great. They happen more often than orgasms. I’d like to attribute them to the very bulbous head the shaft boasts. I wish my [Womanzier DUO]’s head was this bulbous rather than pointy – it’d get me off way better that way.

Overall Verdict

Alya has got to be one of the most visually appealing toys I own. It’s absolutely adorable, smaller than my phone, and it comes in my favorite color, blue. If it weren’t for that fact that Alya and I are beyond incompatible in terms of anatomy, I would most definitely have it in My Favorites.


Loud Quiet
Weak Powerful
Poor Design Great Design
No Buildup Lots of Buildup
No squirt Divine Squirt
No Orgasm Explosive
The good
  • Most gorgeous color on the planet
  • On the quieter side of things
  • Rechargeable & Waterproof
  • Very bulbous head
The bad
  • No constant vibration
  • Your anatomy may be incompatible with the toy's
  • Can only be found on EdenFantasys
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