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LELO Sila 1


I saw LELO Sila in EdenFantasys’ catalog at 6:30am some 2 weeks ago, took advantage of their reviewer program (a good ~50%off or so in exchange for an honest review), and placed an order almost immediately. I was thinking to myself: this is finally the one; LELO’s got themselves together after the complaints they got about Sona and they created a masterpiece. I’ll finally be able to hold a toy with my thighs closed and it won’t feel weird.

Yeah, no. While there are quite decent improvements, now there’s other flaws in the design that make that goal kinda impossible.

What's in the Box

In the box, we’ve got Sila, a storage pouch (made of the same material as a typical bathing suit, not what the other LELO toys usually would have), USB power cord, packet of lube & instructions on how to use it if for some reason you didn’t know how to use lube, warranty card, & a TL;DR user manual. Rubik’s cube not included.

Oh, and yes – the storage pouch does feel much cheaper than what LELO used to us provide with their Sona models. I really loved those, as they were good at keeping lint off the silicone.

First Glance

At first glance my heart soared. I was ecstatic and could barely keep myself together to take pictures for this blog rather than shred everything apart and immediately get to masturbating. Yes, Sila came with a charge – and a rather impressive one at that. It lasted 2 hours right out of the box.

But then I started to question things, as I usually do: how am I going to thrust a dildo into myself with half of Sila’s body (the round part) literally cockblocking half of my vagina? If I turn the controls towards myself, Sila’s body will block anything I try to thrust into myself. If I turn the controls away from myself, it’s impossible to see & distinguish them by touch, they will be hard to reach… and it will (at least partially) block me as well. Needless to say, I got slightly tilted right off the bat.


While my Sila came with a full charge, the manual does mention that you should charge it for 2 hours prior to first use. Charging is a lil’ weird. Usually the male plug will go in all the way, but Sila’s doesn't. Also, this charger is different from the Sona models (original Sona and Sona 2 Cruise were interchangeable).

While LELO Sila's charging, the led light on the control panel blinks – when done charging, it glows solid. When it’s low on battery (which actually hasn’t happened to me during my 2-hour masturbation sessions – I was very impressed), it blinks slowly to show that it's low on juice and needs to be recharged.

Basic Controls


  • ● Travel Lock/Unlock: hold down +/- for 5 seconds OR plug in to charge
  • ● Turn ON: press the + button
  • ● Turn OFF: hold down the center "()" button
  • ● Shuffle through patterns: center “()” button


  • ● steady
  • ● slow pulses
  • ● fast pulses
  • ● faster pulses
  • ● short escalating pulses
  • ● long escalating pulses
  • ● longer escalating pulses
  • ● semi-random? I honestly don’t know what this is.

First Trial

So… I had placed an order for both the LELO Sila & an NJOY Pure Wand – and I decided to try them out together at the same time, because why the hell not. Into the shower we went, and I was happy with LELO Sila’s performance at first.

I doused myself in lube, turned Sila on, and plopped it against my clit. I had the controls facing me - so far so good. Then I tried closing my legs because that’s what I like best. At first, I was quite happy… then as my body began to react to the pleasure it was experiencing, each twitch resulted in Sila’s mouth pinching into the inner part of my outer labia & vulva.

I told myself hey, no matter, I’ll just try with the NJOY Pure Wand now. I could insert that heavy beauty into myself, but I couldn’t thrust it effectively. I turned Sila around, hoping it would help & make room. It was marginally better at best. Now I couldn’t see the controls or distinguish them by touch. Additionally, they were really hard to reach in that orientation.

I settled for that. I endured the pinching, found a strength that wasn’t too weak or too strong, closed my legs, and began to thrust away slowly from behind as I usually would. Within 30 minutes, my vulva was beet red & very sore from being pinched with each twitch of pleasure. Yikes.

I continued on for another hour and a half and eventually managed to cum with both Sila and the NJOY Pure Wand. By the end of it all, I thought my vulva was going to bleed from the pinching around the edges of the mouth, but thankfully, that didn't happen. And yes, the next few days of testing had identical results (unless I kept my labia spread the entire time, but I simply don't enjoy that).

The NJOY Pure Wand when paired with Sila is a dangerous combination. I didn’t know I was squirting with my legs closed until I felt the warm liquid run down my arm towards my elbow. That’s never happened before. Always had to have my legs open to squirt. Pretty sure it’s NJOY’s fault, not Sila’s.

Long story short, no matter which rotation I placed the LELO Sila, I couldn’t get fully comfortable with it. Both rotations pinched me when I reacted to the pressure-waves. This resulted in always feeling sore after using Sila. If the controls are facing me (how I’m assuming the toy is intended to be used), I can’t thrust a dildo or vibrator into myself to stimulate my G-Spot. If the controls are facing away from me, I can’t reach them without straining.


You see, I like masturbating best with my thighs pressed tightly together. That’s why I thought the LELO Sila would be perfect for me. It’s got a flat body that looked as if it would do well sandwiched between my thighs. That bit is great. Works as intended. What isn’t great is the part that rests against my vulva. When I have my thighs together, Sila’s mouth is flat against my vulva, which, in theory is good, but in practice, it really isn’t.

The sides of the mouth are thin and flat, which tend to pinch the skin it rests against & the inner part of my outer labia. God forbid I twitch in pleasure or shift Sila a bit without completely opening my legs and spreading apart my labia… As mentioned before, the result after extended use (because it takes me a very long time to cum to begin with) is a very sore n’ reddened vulva. Using lube doesn't prevent this. Thankfully, the soreness goes away after about two hours.

I don’t have this particular problem with the LELO Sona, [LELO Sona 2 Cruise], or any other pressure-wave toy. The only one that comes close is We-Vibe Melt, which instead feels as if I were pressing a pen cap against my skin instead of pinching its sides between my labia when I press down harder. Additionally, the We-Vibe Melt doesn't make me nearly as sore as the Sila.

That notion aside, this toy is great when you use it with legs & labia spread apart. Okay, I get that. I can sacrifice keeping my legs together for this – no  biggie. The actual problem is… that I can’t actually thrust anything into myself without it getting at least partially blocked by Sila’s body.

I can’t really see it being used effectively in tandem with lovemaking or oral sex because the body would most definitely block my partner from getting their job done. The only “ideal” situation with LELO Sila would probably be if I didn’t have to stimulate my G-Spot at the same time to actually make myself orgasm.

Also, sometimes Sila just… stops. On its own. I would say randomly, but I think it’s when something touches the inner membrane while it’s on. Turning it off and back on doesn’t fix it. It doesn’t start up again unless I prod that membrane a bit or tap the side of the toy repeatedly. I like to think that this is a safety stop of some sort given the problems LELO had before with their Sona models.

What it Feels Like

LELO Sila is a pressure-wave toy, which means you stimulate the area without touching it. If you can imagine being at a concert next to one of those huge speakers and feeling those soundwaves with each beat, you can imagine what that would feel like against a clit. The lower strengths feel great, but as you climb higher, it starts to feel like a vibrator instead. Thankfully, I would compare it to being rumbly rather than buzzy.

Comparisons to Other Toys

I would probably compare the LELO Sila to LELO’s Sona or [Sona 2 Cruise]. The stimulation feels similar but is definitely weaker than the other two aforementioned models.


Sila’s strength is weaker than that of the LELO Sona/[Sona 2 Cruise] models I own. That being said, those two are some of the strongest pressure-wave toys I have in my arsenal, so don’t get me wrong – Sila isn’t a weak toy by any means. That being said, it’s only got 8 strengths, and I really wish it had like 4 more, because sometimes I find myself pressing the + button, but I’m already at the top strength.


“Whisper quiet”. Yeah, right. LELO Sila’s not a jackhammer, but it’s not whisper-quiet either. It’s relatively quiet when it’s pressed flush against my vulva and on low, but as soon as you go up to like the 3rd or 4th strength, it’s significantly louder. Hell, even in the shower I’m concerned about it being audible if I detach it from my skin before turning it off. The Sona models did better in terms of silence.


Color is A+++. I finally got a pressure-wave toy in blue. Dream come true. At first glance I thought the design/shape was fantastic, but then proved myself wrong. The flat mouth pinches the inside of my outer labia unless I use my other hand to keep my labia spread apart. Forget about keeping my legs together while I masturbate, how I like doing it.

If I have the controls facing me, Sila’s body partially blocks my vagina and I can’t use another toy internally. If I turn the controls away from myself to try and make room for a G-Spot toy, I can’t use the buttons without really straining.

It appears that LELO tried to indirectly "address" the issues that their users were reporting with the Sona models. I never had those issues & can’t tell  if they were alleviated or not, but LELO did subtly mention Sila’s “softer, deeper, and overall bigger mouth”, on their promotional website. They also reiterated that you should "reach your climax slowly as you listen to your body", which is reminiscent of their advert change in response to people getting injured by their Sona models.

Orgasm/Squirting Notes

Sila gets dangerously close to making me climax on its own, which is a feat in itself... but without the help of a G-Spot toy, it just doesn’t happen. And it’s really tedious to use a G-Spot toy with Sila. As it is right now, the only toy that can make me cum solo is my [Womanizer DUO].

Squirts are okay. They’re nowhere near as pleasing as the ones induced by LELO Sona, or [Womanizer DUO] but they do happen more often than not – at least in these past 2 weeks of testing.

Overall Verdict

All in all, Sila is alright. I thought it would be "the one", but it really isn't. While the aqua color is absolutely stunning, I’m not exactly impressed given the design flaws. It looks like a toy that should easily rest between my thighs, and that’s why I wanted it, but when I do that, it pinches the inside of my outer labia and leaves me sore. I wouldn’t beat my wallet up ($169 is kinda high, and I think that the We-Vibe Melt is a better overall toy in that price range) over it if I already have pressure-wave toys that get the job done. That and the new storage pouch is kinda sad compared to the ones they provided before.


As mentioned in an earlier section of this post, I received this product from EdenFantasys at a discount (thanks to their Reviewer Program) in exchange for an honest review. I will update this post with a link once I get some questions answered about posting there. Thank you for your patience.


Loud Quiet
Weak Powerful
Poor Design Great Design
No Buildup Lots of Buildup
No squirt Divine Squirt
No Orgasm Explosive
The good
  • Silicone, waterproof, rechargeable
  • Good for most: not too weak, not too strong. Pressure waves travel deep.
The bad
  • Flat mouth pinches the vulva when my legs aren't spread far apart.
  • Extended use (if labia is not spread apart with other hand) will result in reddened, sore vulva.
  • Body of the toy partially blocks vaginal entrance regardless of rotation.
  • If rotated away to grant access to vagina, buttons are difficult to reach.
I recommend buying from these stores:
EdenFantasys Ella Paradis

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