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LELO Sona 1


So, in my search for more heavenly pressure-wave toys, I found the original LELO Sona. This little pink thing, a weird kidney-shaped bean, is the first generation of LELO’s take on this type of toy. As soon as it came in the mail & I tore off the cover on the box (it was a living nightmare to open up gently), I quickly fell in head over heels love. Hell, I still am.

When I was frantically looking for more orgasms (shortly after achieving my first in December 2018), I didn’t really bother going into depth about what others thought about sex toys. I honestly didn’t care. But there are some things about the LELO Sona that you should know before swiping that credit card. See the Word of Warning Section for more info.

What's in the Box

Within the box, we get: the Sona surrounded by a foam cut-out, a USB charger, sample lube packet, storage pouch, a TL;DR instruction manual, and a warranty card. Note: as beautifully packaged as it is, the box is very annoying to open.

First Glance

At first glance, this thing looks like what I imagine to be a kidney. Probably an enlarged kidney. How big are human kidneys again? I don’t know what a kidney looks like outside of textbook diagrams, but leave my imagination be. It’s kinda awkward to hold, but it’s cute? I guess? It’s got a lot of (in my opinion) pretty useless real estate, but whatever. Probably isn’t the most comfortable to hold between two bodies during any form of sex that comes to mind.

Most of LELO Sona is covered in silicone. The back has a gold-colored, reflective ABS plastic plate. I wish the whole thing were made of silicone like the We-Vibe Melt. It comes travel-locked, so you need to either plug it in or hold down the +/- buttons for 5 seconds to unlock it. I wish I had the option to choose a more unconventional color.


Charging the LELO Sona is EZ-PZ. No weird membranes to penetrate with the DC plug or weak magnet connections. It takes up to 2 hours to charge the LELO Sona; the LEDs blink while charging and emit a steady light when fully charged. When the battery’s low, those same LEDs will blink to say the LELO Sona is out of juice.

Basic Controls


  • ● Travel Lock/Unlock: hold down +/- for 5 seconds OR plug in to charge
  • ● Turn ON: press the + button
  • ● Turn OFF: hold down the – button
  • ● Shuffle through patterns: center “()” button


  • ● steady
  • ● slow pulses
  • ● fast pulses
  • ● faster pulses
  • ● short escalating pulses
  • ● long escalating pulses
  • ● longer escalating pulses
  • ● semi-random? I honestly don’t know what this is.

First Trial

I’m never going to forget my first time with the LELO Sona. Despite all the things mentioned in the Word of Warning section below, I could swear that every second spent with this toy made me feel as if I had  passed through Heaven’s gates.

I plopped a drop of Sliquid Sea on my clit, turned the toy on, and gingerly applied it to my clit. I’m, of course, cautious when it comes to new toys, so I was hesitant. And good thing, too. Immediately upon contact with my skin, it felt as if my clit had gotten sucked into the nozzle (something the other toys don’t do) and was being relentlessly caressed by those pressure waves. The seal between skin and silicone formed flawlessly and the lowest intensity felt ridiculously powerful.

It took a while to get used to LELO Sona’s brute strength, delicately applying it to my clit, then lifting it mere seconds later as I couldn’t take it anymore. None of my other pressure-wave toys start this strong, so instead of riding into orgasm, I ended up edging myself in that manner in an attempt to get used to the toy’s lowest intensity.

But eventually I did get used to it, paused, and slid my [Beloved VixSkin Mustang] in. When I re-applied the LELO Sona to my clit, I immediately saw stars. Three, maybe four very slow thrusts with the [VixSkin Mustang] over my apparently-deprived G-Spot elicited a pleasurable squirt that traveled at least 3 feet and hit the nearest wall. A year and a half later, that was still the strongest and most pleasing squirt I have ever experienced.

I continued with the languid and slow thrusting for another 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes turned into 20. Then 30. And I wasn’t climaxing because I was busy squirting like never before. I honestly have no idea where all this fluid was coming from because there was so fucking much. I thought I’d be dehydrated by the time I actually managed to orgasm, as difficult as it is for me.

After what felt like an eternity (but in reality, was about 40 minutes), I finally came – and I came in these wonderfully pleasing waves that no other toy has replicated yet. I could feel the orgasm pulsing beneath my skin, through my calves, thighs, and even my fingertips – it wasn’t limited to just my midsection as it usually is.

Long story short, I’m confident that my first session with LELO Sona gave me my first-ever full-body orgasm. By the end of it all, I wasn’t even that high on the intensity – probably around level 4-5 tops, and I almost always end up using the highest intensity strengths available on toys to achieve climax.


After that first-ever full-body climax with my LELO Sona, I clearly wanted more. Those types of orgasms were all I wanted and the previous kinds I had felt inadequate. I had felt as if I had found gold. No, platinum. But alas, it was absurdly difficult to get the same results again.

With each LELO Sona x [VixSkin] session, I got more accustomed to the strength and didn’t have to practically edge myself to be able to endure the stimulation. Because I ended up edging myself less, I began squirting less. The orgasms became minimally weaker, but still retain their overall divinity. I continue reaching for the LELO Sona when I want to masturbate. August 2020: the LELO Sona still brings me the most pleasure out of all my pressure-wave toys.

What it Feels Like

I’m going to say it – I don’t think that LELO Sona feels anything like oral sex. None of the pressure-wave toys I own do. I find that most of them feel a little bit… shallow, when compared to LELO Sona, with the exception of the [Womanizer DUO] & We-Vibe Melt. LELO Sona’s pulses travel deep. Like, ridiculously deep. I can easily feel them along the internal legs of the clitoris and at the base of whatever dildo I’m using. It’s fucking awesome. I’m convinced that if someone is penetrating you while you use this toy, they’ll feel slight pulsations from the LELO Sona as well. Check out my Satisfyer Pro 2 review if you want an explanation on how pressure-waves feel to me.

Comparisons to Other Toys

As mentioned in the previous section, the LELO Sona’s pressure-waves travel the deepest out of all the toys I own. It’s also the 2nd strongest. Only the [LELO Sona 2 Cruise] can compare – and it’s even more powerful. But the Cruise function’s finnicky, and I don’t like it as much as the original. I do not own the LELO Sona Cruise to compare. I also do not own the LELO Sona 2. Mayhaps one day I will.

I don’t know why these pressure-waves travel deeper than that of, say, a Womanizer or Satisfyer. Perhaps it’s got something to do with the “sonic wave technology” LELO advertises. When compared to my Satisfyer Pro 2, the LELO Sona feels thuddy while the Satisfyer Pro 2 feels slappy, as if someone were kinda slapping my clit. When compared to the [Womanizer Premium], that also feels more slappy, but not as much as the Satisfyer Pro 2.

The only other ‘thuddy’ toys in this category that I own would be the We-Vibe Melt and [Womanizer Duo] (Despite the DUO having the same motor as a [Womanizer Premium], the [Premium] does not feel as thuddy as the DUO). I will weave together a pressure-wave toy comparison post together some time in the future.


LELO Sona is one of the strongest pressure-wave toys I own, with the exception of its younger cousin, the [LELO Sona 2 Cruise]. It’s also the most thuddy, which is the equivalent of rumbly vibrations in my book – whereas slappy could be compared to buzzy.


The LELO Sona is advertised as whisper-quiet. Spoiler alert, it really isn’t. Lately, it feels like every company is advertising their products as “whisper-quiet”. Sometimes I question if the people who test for sound are hard of hearing or if the cut-off for “quiet” in terms of decibels is higher than what it should be. LELO Sona is only relatively quiet when it’s not touching my skin… which, when it’s on, is never. That’s as good as saying “yeah, it’s quiet when it’s turned off or out of battery”.

I can easily hear LELO Sona running under the blanket, even when it’s not touching me. I can also hear it through a closed door. However, my shower does manage to drown it out when it’s on the lower intensity levels, so not all is lost.


I really feel like LELO Sona is both a hit and miss in terms of design. The shape is weird as heck, kinda makes my wrist sore sometimes because of the angle I have to hold it at. The ABS plastic plate on the back is too slippery for comfort when things get wet – a fully covered silicone variant would’ve done better. I wholeheartedly wish we could have the lovely turquoise-blues that I’ve seen LELO offering on their other toys, because I fucking hate pink.

I like that when I’m using my LELO Sona, I can clearly see the buttons. If I remember correctly, most of the other toys in my collection have that – they mostly have the buttons facing away from me. I guess this makes sense if someone else is using the toy on you. But on the LELO Sona, I can see the LED light turn on with each button press, so that in the event that I’m not sure if I clicked something, I could see the light respond instead. Pretty nice not having to rely on tactile feedback alone.

I also quite like the fact that the nozzle’s end is almost-completely flat. We-Vibe Melt’s nozzle sometimes feels like a pen cap (despite it being rather plushy), and when I press that against my skin too hard, it leaves a red mark around my clit. Satisfyer Pro 2 also has a pretty flat nozzle, but it’s not as squishy as I’d like it to be. [Womanizer Premium’s] nozzle is like a hybrid of the aforementioned nozzles and I don’t get sore from it. It’s almost-perfect.

Orgasm/Squirting Notes

As everyone knows, I struggle to climax by default. It’s not fun. But LELO Sona’s squirts and orgasms are beyond my favorite when paired with a decent G-Spot toy. I can’t help but declare my adoration, as I strongly feel that it’s only proper to do so when something feels this good. I actually ended up buying a back-up, because I can’t see myself without one of these toys if God forbid it breaks.

In terms of orgasm strength, when paired with a decent G-Spot toy, the LELO Sona delivers some of the strongest and longest orgasms. You know, those toe-clenching, grasping-desperately-at-the-bedsheet-type orgasms you see in porn sometimes. If you struggle to cum, or if regular vibes don’t do the trick, and have a small clitoris, I would definitely give the LELO Sona a shot.

A Word of Warning

Although I, personally, haven’t drawn blood or experienced pain directly from using LELO Sona, it has been a widespread issue all over the internet the past few years, and it’s not the only toy doing that out there. My beloved Satisfyer Pro 2 has also managed to make some people’s clits bleed. Regardless of other toys doing horrendous things to innocent clits, LELO doesn’t seem to care, and instead of apologizing, helping with medical bills, or approaching their design team, they approached their marketing team to dodge the issue at hand.

LELO refuses to acknowledge the fact that their product can cause severe injury and possibly permanent damage, AND denies the fact in their responses by saying that their products never “had health-related issues [and they] are confident it could not have caused such injuries. This makes me fume. A simple Google search will bring up dozens upon dozens of results on the topic. Taking a gander through Amazon’s reviews shows similar outcomes. It’s not an uncommon scenario, apparently.

Because of this appalling treatment of their customers, I have developed a rather strong distaste for LELO. I can’t say I trust them. Inherently, I can’t say I endorse LELO as a company, and as such, this review is about my experiences with the LELO Sona only.

After reading a few dozen posts on the topic, the general consensus seems to be that the LELO Sona is a toy engineered for people with smaller clits. Most of the time, the wounded authors say their clits are (slightly) bigger than average, and others say that the flappy bit of the toy can irritate skin if it comes in contact with it. Needless to say, my clit’s never touched the flappy bit of the toy, and I haven’t had gotten any injury related to this toy as of yet. I guess I’ve got a small clit.

If your clit’s on the larger side of the spectrum, or if you so much as even suspect it may be a little bit bigger than average, think twice before buying the LELO Sona. You’re probably better off getting a We-Vibe Melt or a [Womanizer Premium], as those have deeper mouths and bigger nozzles.

Overall Verdict

Mixed feelings. Referring back to the Word of Warning section above – don’t risk buying LELO Sona if you have an (even slightly) bigger clit and subsequently injuring yourself. Some people have suffered terribly and LELO is blatantly disregarding the very obvious issue. However, if you have a smaller clit  – and it’s made of solid diamond (you like intense stimulation), then LELO Sona is a must-have.


Loud Quiet
Weak Powerful
Poor Design Great Design
No Buildup Lots of Buildup
No squirt Divine Squirt
No Orgasm Explosive
The good
  • Very powerful clitoral stimulation
  • Waterproof, Rechargeable, Silicone
  • Good for smaller clits
The bad
  • Not for (even slightly) larger clits; can cause bleeding & possibly permanent damage.
  • LELO doesn't seem to care, denies it, despite there being dozens of cases online.
  • May actually be too intense for some.
I recommend buying from these stores:
EdenFantasys PeepShow Toys

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