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So… let me get this out there right off the bat: this toy gave me, an anorgasmic cis female, my first-ever orgasm. That orgasm is the reason my experiences blossomed into the creation of this blog. As such, this review’s contents are very personal to me. That’s why it’s tagged as a journal entry. Now that that’s drawn your attention, let’s talk about the background info on the PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit.

This was my last-resort, “try this before I give up permanently” sex toy. I had a good handful of them, and none of them were cutting it. I had bought a few hundred dollars worth of sex toys, and yes, they felt nice, but none of them could satisfy. And neither could my then-boyfriend. I was desperate.

I placed an order on Amazon because I saw it had some 4,500-ish reviews with a 4-star average (I really shouldn’t have)]. A week later, I found it in the mail. Fast forward 2 years later, it’s got over 10,000 reviews and holding steady at 4.5 stars. Damn, okay.

What's in the Box

The PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit comes in a rather study, minimalist black box. It’s got lovely gold lettering which spells out the company’s name, but there’s no mention of what’s inside. Said box comes in a standard Amazon package. Discreet enough for anyone’s tastes, I would say. Inside the box, you find the vibrator, a zip-lock bag, a sample lube package, USB charging cable, and a user manual card mentioning that in they’re giving away a free bottle of water-based lube.

I was going to take them up on the free lube offer. Upon emailing them, the PALOQUETH representative mentioned that they’d “refund” the money I spent on the toy via PayPal in exchange for a review on Amazon. So, I immediately assumed “a-ha! that’s how they got all those reviews”. While that may be the case in some of them, I’m convinced it’s not all of them.

However, upon trying to post my extremely-excited review to Amazon, I was faced with an error saying "Sorry, you do not yet meet the minimum eligibility requirements to write a review on Amazon" and it never happened. Probably a good thing, too, because here we are almost 2 years later.

Anyways, this was back in December 2018. Based on the more-recent photos on Amazon, it seems that the box contents have changed! It appears that they now also include a storage pouch (props to you, PALOQUETH!), the instruction manual is now a pamphlet, and the gold lettering has a subtitle & is white instead of gold. Please keep in mind that my review is based on the contents of the order I placed then.

First Glance

Honestly, at first glance I wasn’t impressed. It looked like the average sex toy. At 1.5in diameter, 4.5in in length, and a typical bulbous head, I just thought “meh, I wasted the money, but whatever”. Needless to say, I was quite wrong. The listing page on Amazon claims this toy is made of silicone. Princess Previews did a flame test and confirmed that.


This is one of those charging ports that I don’t like too much. It feels like I need to stab the toy a little to charge it... but that's what makes it waterproof, so I suppose it's an equal exchange. While charging, the LED logo flashes, then remains steady once it’s fully charged. According to the manual, it takes 2 hours to charge, and that grants 3 hours of play.

Basic Controls

We’ve got 2 buttons on the toy – the power button & vibration modes pattern.

  • ●  Turn on: hold power button for 3 seconds, then shuffle through the modes with the vibration button.
  • ● Turn off: hold power button for 3 seconds – this sometimes takes longer; I can’t figure out why.
  • ● on, not buzzing: [rainbow]
  • ● [red] low
  • ● [baby blue] medium
  • ● [dark blue] high
  • ● [yellow] fast, short steady pulses
  • ● [purple] pulses of high, low, high, pause, repeat
  • ● [baby blue] escalating low to high
  • ● [green] escalating up n' down, then 2 short pulses
  • ● [white] long steady pulses
  • ● [purple] 4 bursts of short pulses

First Trial

The first time I gave the PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit a try, I didn’t really feel anything different when compared to the other toys I had in my arsenal back then. It just felt nice. Insertion was painless. The toy glided in without any trouble. As with pretty much any other [rabbit], I couldn’t thrust it into myself without losing contact to my clit. I didn’t know that that was a good thing, though.

It turns out that PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit’s bulbous head perfectly lined up against my G-Spot. Despite the first few times that evidently failed at making me cum, eventually I was indeed graced with my first blessing known as orgasm.

--- [JOURNAL] Reaching My First-Ever Orgasm ---

About a week worth of trials later, I started to feel something different from before. I had moved into the shower. Literally. Each masturbation session was lasting at least an hour and a half, and I spent that time getting used to the toy, meditating, learning to listen to my body, learning to let myself go. Although I already knew how to squirt from the showerhead, I couldn’t make myself climax.

I had been speaking with my best friend, who urged me to remember to breathe and to let myself experience what I was feeling in peace. I had to teach myself to allow it to happen because I was raised in a Catholic setting where I was taught that pleasure = sin. These things took a heavy psychological toll on me and it resulted in me not being able to experience orgasms. I’m convinced it’s the reason why I still struggle to orgasm to this day.

In either case, it took a while for me to realize that I was feeling something aside from plain ol’ “normal” pleasure that comes with vibrations. Once I noticed it, I remembered what my bestie told me, and focused on feeling that and only that.

I didn’t think about porn. I didn’t think about making someone submit to me and my dominant desires. I didn’t think about pegging someone or watching them use a sex toy because I commanded them to. Didn’t even think about hentai. Surprisingly, I didn’t even think about the Koisuru Boukun OVAs I so adored and still do. Yes. I do love me some steamy animated man on man action. For once, I didn’t think about any of those things.

I thought about me. And only me. I made myself the center of attention. I thought about reaching that pinnacle that I felt was so out of reach. I thought about my body doing what I wanted it to do. I envisioned it. I told and forced myself to believe that it was achievable.

I put aside the guilt I was raised with and distracted myself with my desperation. I had already squirted a few times by then, nothing new, and my thighs had already been trembling on and off for a good few minutes, as I had stopped trying to keep them still as I usually would have. Maybe that was an important factor. Who knows?

And then, suddenly it was happening. These waves of warmth quickly pulsed and radiated from my midsection, my limbs, into my fingertips. I struggled to control my grip over the PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit, to keep it in place as my vagina’s muscles involuntarily contracted around it. It took a lot of effort to retain my so-called composure, and aside from hastened shallow breathing, I didn’t make a peep.

After it was over, I laid there, stunned. The vibrator was still happily buzzing away within me for a while. The water falling on the tiles never sounded so soothing. The conditioner I had left in my hair for only God knows how long actually smelled amazing. Life suddenly felt as if it had meaning. Climaxing really does wonders to your train of thought. That post-orgasm afterglow lasted like 3 hours. I was high as a kite. Now that glow lasts for a fraction of that.


I actually thought that my first-ever orgasm had been a fluke, an accident. I thought it wouldn’t happen ever again. But… it did. Each of my orgasms with this toy took over an hour, but they actually happened, unlike before. That being said, they didn’t happen every time. They happened rarely, but I was ecstatic they did, and that my body was capable of achieving climax now, unlike before.

And I discovered things about my body. I figured out how to recognize telltale signs of an approaching orgasm. I learned how to home in and focus on them. I learned that my G-Spot liked pressure against it. (This toy isn’t good for that because its shaft is mostly hollow. That means it’s sorta squishy and I can’t apply pressure inside myself like how I could with the We-Vibe Rave.)

I learned that only the steady vibration worked, and that patterns didn’t do anything for me. I was so impressed by them in the sex toy store, but my vagina honestly couldn’t care less. I learned that my primary focus had to be me, not some kinda porn, like how I had assumed.

What it Feels Like

The vibration quality is pretty decent for this toy’s price range. It’s definitely not as rumbly as higher-end sex toys, but it’s not a buzzfest either. The rabbit ears reach too far past my clit, but the bunny nose reaches just fine. Because its shaft is mostly hollow, it’s rather flexible.

The part that rests on my vaginal opening when it’s fully inserted has so little girth that I don’t feel it at all. The two motors inside the toy are on the clitoral portion and the G-Spot bulb. Remember how I mentioned that the shaft is mostly hollow? Can’t feel the vibrations along the shaft, and there’s no vulval stimulation at all. I usually have to add an extra finger to help with stimulating my it – but that’s really painful to do given my wrist injury and my small hands/short fingers.

Comparisons to Other Toys

I don’t have many rabbit vibrators, and this toy does not feel like any of them. It is, however, my favorite amongst them. This does not include the [Womanizer DUO]. The PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit cannot even begin to compare to the [Womanizer DUO].


For being a toy under $30, I gotta say the vibration strength of the PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit is average. Decent at best.


The toy is rather quiet once inserted. It sounds like white background noise and doesn’t draw attention to itself.


The design’s alright. I wish there were other color options. I like the LED light which changes colors when shuffling through the different patterns on the toy. It makes it easier to remember what pattern to look for if you’re using the toy on someone else.

Orgasm/Squirting Notes

This toy gave me my first orgasm ever. I will never forget that experience, and this toy will always have a special place in my heart. The orgasms I have with this toy now have substantially weakened, but that’s because I’ve fallen head over heels in love with pressure-wave toys. It’s also caused more than a handful of squirts, albeit those were never explosive. Most of the time they just trickled out. Pleasant? Yes. To die for? Nah.

Overall Verdict

Although the PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit is where it all began in terms of climaxing, I no longer reach for it. I have other toys that let me caress my G-Spot & cervix at will. I have pressure-wave toys that [make my clit scream]. I have dildos that open and close my inner labia in the most pleasing manner.

However… If you are anorgasmic, this just may be your first orgasm if your anatomy lines up with it. If you’re willing to gamble away $30 for that chance before giving up like how I did, I would highly suggest it. To those who already are capable of steadily climaxing, then the PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit is a lovely addition to anyone’s arsenal for its price, but it’s not something to go nuts over. 

PALOQUETH G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

Loud Quiet
Weak Powerful
Poor Design Great Design
No Buildup Lots of Buildup
No squirt Divine Squirt
No Orgasm Explosive
The good
  • This thing gave me my first-ever orgasm. And I have anorgasmia.
  • Patterns well-rounded, something for everyone.
  • Not too big, not too small
  • Silicone, rechargeable & waterproof
The bad
  • Could be stronger.
I recommend buying directly from Paloqueth's Website:
Paloqueth's Store

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