Review: We-Vibe Melt

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We-Vibe Melt next to my Rubik's cube & card for size comparison

Background & Story

So this toy has a bit of a story to it – you’re welcome to skip to the ‘What’s in the Box’ section if you’d like.

Like several other toys, the story behind me getting hold of one of these was months upon months of excitement and waiting for it to be in stock. From the moment I first saw it get reviewed up until I finally got my hands on it, the hype was fucking real. Like, really, fucking real.

I remember quite literally letting a squeal of joy out while in a call with someone as I checked for catalog updates. I took advantage of EdenFantasys’ Reviewer Program again and with its 30% discount, I placed an order on the spot. I also ordered a [Womanizer Starlet] and LELO Sona – two other pressure-wave toys. I couldn’t wait to try them all out.

Everything appealed to me about the We-Vibe Melt. The color (it wasn’t pink, but coral), the shape (no unnecessary weird curves, and it was slim), and the whole thing was made of silicone. Simple and clean. It was like a wet dream come true.

Anyways. I was living with my parents and younger sibling. Apparently, my father had placed an order for something off eBay and was expecting a package around the same size and time that I was expecting mine. My discreet package was delivered early in the morning, according to tracking – around 5-6am, and guess who got his hands on my box. Yup. Dad did.

I woke up to the sound of some intense taping-up around 8-9am coming from the kitchen. We don’t use that tape unless we’re sending out a package off to family somewhere. I knew the day had finally come when my family opened a box they definitely shouldn’t have. Poor dad had opened my beloved box of brand new sex toys and was trying his best to make it look untouched… but the box clearly had a cut right through the packing slip, and the excessive tape job made it obvious.

The fact that he was trying his best to cover up his mistake is what melts my heart every time I remember the incident. When I asked him about it later that day, he explained it was unintentional – and I believed him. His vision isn’t the best anymore, so he must’ve just opened without reading who it was meant for. I’m just happy this mail wasn’t full of phallic dildos or vibrators like how it very much could have been. I wouldn’t have been able to live that down. I love my dad. A lot.

What's in the Box

We-Vibe Melt’s box is an art form in itself. We-Vibe always seems to do very modern takes on its products, and the Melt is no different. Sliding off the top cover reveals Melt (behind a piece of transparent plastic) sitting comfortably in a foam cutout. Taking everything out of the box yielded the toy, a magnetic USB charging cable, an instruction booklet, a storage pouch, and a Pjur lube sample. The pamphlet describes basic instructions using mostly graphic images. You can download a copy here.

First Glance

Handling We-Vibe Melt reminded me of when I first toyed with the We-Vibe Rave. Luxuriously smooth, satin soft, seamless silicone. Literally a pleasure to hold. Unlike any of my other pressure wave type toys, Melt had zero excess real estate. I often find myself getting cranky about the fact that toys like the [Womanizer Premium] or LELO Sona simply get in the way of penetration and thrusting because of their poorly-thought-out shapes.

Powering the We-Vibe Melt on proved that the toy was functional and had some charge. After playing around with its buttons to get familiar with the controls (increase/decrease in intensity, no patterns), I set We-Vibe Melt aside to charge.


The magnet that attaches the charging cable to We-Vibe Melt is okay. My Satisfyer Pro 2 has a stronger connection, but this does quite well too. A single 1.5h charge yields up to 2h of play. There’s a light underneath the skin of the toy by the control panel – it flashes while charging and goes solid once it’s done charging. There’s also a low battery warning in which that same light slowly blinks on and off. Additionally, you can check in the app what % is left on the battery.

Basic Controls

Melt’s Functions

  • ● On: short-press the + button. It always turns on to the lowest intensity.
  • ● Increase/Decrease (x12) intensities: short-press +/- buttons.
  • ● Off: long-press the – button.
    • ● Doing this while connected to the app will disconnect you

We-Connect App Functions

  • ● Reset: 10-second press the + button – light will quickly flash upon success.
  • ● Connect: 5-second press the + button – two quick pulses will confirm that We-Vibe Melt is ready to pair.
  • ● Pause: tap anywhere on the intensity section of the app

Make sure to download the We-Connect App from the Google Play/Apple store, create an account, and register. Turn your phone's Bluetooth option on. You may be required to turn on Location as well. Not sure why, but whatever. After logging in, select the hamburger menu, and select the pairing option. This process might take a few tries (the app is a bit finnicky), but once you’re through, it’ll be fine. You can also add/remove your significant other through the same hamburger menu.

Other Notes related to the app:

  • ● App is kinda unstable; crashes occasionally
  • ● Successful connect: 3 pulses (at ~5 intensity)
  • ● Successful partner connect: 3 pulses (at ~5 intensity)
  • ● Only 1 person can control the toy via app
  • ● Partner must request control before being able to use it
  • ● If owner revokes control, partner must request it again
  • ● If partner disconnects, partner must request control
  • ● If owner disconnects, last known settings stays on; Melt automatically reconnects. App will experience lag, toy will not.
  • ● If owner disconnects and partner changes intensities, We-Vibe Melt auto-updates to whatever partner set it to last upon reconnecting.
  • ● App conveniently display’s Melt’s battery status with %.
  • ● You can kick partner; autokick enabled after 10min of inactivity
  • ● Can connect to other We-Vibe toys (like Rave)
  • ● Connecting to partner requires consent from both parties before being given control
  • ● Even though the app has vibration functions & you can create your own, this feature doesn’t work with Melt.
  • ● App has option to set a cap for maximum possible intensity.
    • ● If you’re only comfortable up to intensity 7 (of 12), you can set it to not go above 7.

First Trial

My first time with We-Vibe Melt was in the shower. This beauty’s labelled waterproof, so I’ve gotta put that to the test. Plopped a few drops of Sliquid Sea on my clit, turned Melt on (to its lowest setting), and put it where it belonged. Melt’s a lovely warm-up toy. I laid there in the bathtub, fantasizing about being graced with oral love while trying to provide the smallest bit of pleasure with my fingers. But they are too short to satisfy.

Within minutes, I found myself reaching for my [VixSkin Mustang]. Goddess, what a majestic combination. Melt’s design truly doesn’t get in the way of thrusting as much as other toys of this type. For once, my wrist wasn’t getting strained while using two toys. Hell yeah.

After a good 15-20 minutes of thrusting the [VixSkin Mustang] into myself whilst Melt played its symphony upon my clit, I reached an incredibly satisfying, yet short orgasm, then called it a night. There were no squirts in my first trial with Melt.


Re-trials yielded very similar results. When I first wrote this review back on EdenFantasys, I noted something that I didn’t particularly fancy: and that is how small the surface area of the nozzle/mouth is. When I get lost in my thoughts n’ fantasies, I sometimes forget myself, press We-Vibe Melt’s mouth to my clit as if doing that would make the sensations flow deeper into my body… and then after I’m done, I feel sore as heck. Imagine taking an open pen cap, pressing it to your fingertip to the opening for a minute, hard. After you let up, you’ve got an imprint of the pen cap, an imprint of sorts, right?

That’s what happens to me with Melt. Although the silicone is quite squishy around the mouth, it’s still not flat or round enough for me to safely let myself go completely. If the part that comes in contact with skin were more like the Satisfyer Pro 2 or LELO Sona’s mouths, I wouldn’t have this issue.

As if by instinct, as I get closer to my ever-elusive orgasms, I press whatever I’m using harder against/into myself. Who doesn’t? Increasing the amount of lube doesn’t change the fact that there’s not much surface area on the toy’s mouth. Mid-masturbation, I’m forced to actually think: “Okay, don’t press harder, don’t press, don’t press. Fuck, you’re pressing it again; stop pressing so hard.” I don’t like thinking while I’m having myself a mighty fap. I just don’t.

Additionally, I’m not sure if this has something to do with the Bluetooth functionality, but sometimes when I’m using this toy, the intensities like to either ramp up or drop to almost-nothing without me pressing any buttons. It kinda reminds me of [LELO Sona Cruise’s] intended function, but as far as I know, Melt isn’t supposed to have a ‘cruise’ type function. Makes me wonder if I have a faulty product or if someone or something is interfering with the Bluetooth connection, as if I shut off the device and power it back on, it goes back to normal for a short amount of time

That aside, depending on what strength you use, We-Vibe Melt can last anywhere between 1.5h-2h per charge. It’s not as easy to clean as my other pressure wave toys. Some suggest using a Q-Tip to get to the hard-to-reach areas, but after several months, I’ve stopped doing that. Instead, I run soapy water over the mouth after I’m done and turn it on. That creates suds and helps with cleaning. You can opt for toy cleaner if you like, but that’s not my cup of tea. Additionally, if you choose to add lube to your game, make sure to stick to water-based lubes.

What it Feels Like

Melt is a pressure-wave type toy. It doesn’t vibrate, period. I like to describe the feeling like powerful sound waves passing through a tunnel towards my clit. Here’s how I described the feeling of that type of stimulation in my Satisfyer Pro 2 review:

You’re at a rock concert, and at some point, find yourself standing in front of a gigantic speaker. Thankfully, you’ve got earplugs, so some of the sound’s deafened. As the sound travels out of the speaker and towards you, you realize that you can feel the shock waves passing against your body. The mesh in front of the part that actually makes sound moves. Now imagine that feeling I mentioned before on your skin – but in a tunnel aimed towards your clit. Sound good yet?

One thing I could tell was that right off the bat, this felt very “thuddy” instead of “slappy” when compared to the Satisfyer Pro 2 & [Womanizer Premium]. Thuddy pulsations seem to travel further into my body than slappy ones. I like to think of this as the “rumbly” variant of pressure-wave toys.

Others have mentioned that at higher levels, Melt creates a “sucking” sensation on the clit, but even after several months of owning this toy, I have not felt any sucking on my clit. That aside, this is one of the more powerful pressure wave toys. Also, if you don’t have a dildo or vibrator handy, Melt’s shape can be used as a makeshift one, but it’s not really something I could praise it for.

Comparisons to Other Toys

We-Vibe Melt feels like a premium, more powerful version of the Satisfyer Pro 2. Also, Melt’s significantly easier to hold than the Satisfyer Pro 2, both during thrusting and when I’m using it on its own. The weight is evenly distributed. The Satisfyer Pro 2’s nozzle is larger.

Because I adore these types of toys, I’ve put together a post about them. You can find my clitoral pressure wave toys comparison post here: [cumming soon]


Let me say right off the bat – this is one of the stronger pressure-wave toys, albeit not the strongest. When it comes to intensity, LELO Sona reigns. There are 12 intensities to choose from, and all of them are thuddy and travel deep into the body. The lower intensities may be very gentle, but if you’re generally faint-of-clit, this may not be the toy for you - I would suggest either the Satisfyer Pro 2 or [Womanizer Premium] instead. 


For the strength that Melt boasts, I find it’s rather quiet. It can’t be heard when I use it on call. Hell, I can’t even hear it under my own bedsheets most of the time (unless I go on the highest intensities). I definitely can't hear it in the shower unless I strain my ear. The only sound we’ve got going is my own muffled moans most of the time.


Design makes me pretty damn happy. I love the silicone, the fact that it’s waterproof, that I don’t have to worry about accidentally turning on patterns (which I hate), and it’s ergonomically shaped for thrusting. It doesn’t get in the way of anything, ever. The only complaint I’ve got is the lack of surface area which I mentioned in the Re-Trials section above.

Orgasm/Squirting Notes

Like with most toys, I can’t cum with We-Vibe Melt alone. However, I do seem to manage almost every time I use it in tandem with a G-Spot toy. The hype I’ve built for myself around it yields fantastic results; I’m simply very attracted to the concept and design that Melt boasts. I wonder if hyping oneself up for a toy (or for sex for that matter) helps with reaching/intensifying orgasm. Thrusting [VixSkin Johnny] ever-so-slowly into myself whilst Melt plays upon my clit yields some of the most satisfying and fastest (for an anorgasmic person, at that) orgasms to date.

Despite not squirting in my first trial, We-Vibe Melt has pulled a small handful of those out of me throughout the months I’ve owned it. They’re not overly common with this toy.

In other, unrelated news, Melt helps with alleviating period cramps? A little? I sometimes hold this toy between my thighs while my debilitating period cramps are torturing me in bed, and there’s a slight relief. Full-on masturbation (with penetration, in the shower), regardless of whether I orgasm or not temporarily relieves them entirely, but that shit gets exhausting.

Overall Verdict

The We-Vibe Melt is so aesthetically pleasing, you guys. Its looks and ergonomic shape alone beg to leave me breathless. It’s quiet and powerful at the same time. I love how it doesn't have excess real estate and that it's so visually alluring in every manner. Wish it had more colors... but we can't have everything.

I dislike that the nozzle makes the area surrounding my clit sore almost every time from pressing it so hard to myself. The fact that sometimes the intensities like to jump up n' down as if someone were controlling my toy without any Bluetooth connection is also iffy. I love how there are no patterns to worry about accidentally turning on when everything’s slippery. I also adore how it’s completely waterproof. Overall, Melt sparks joy.


As mentioned in an earlier section of this review, I received this product from EdenFantasys at a 30% discount in exchange for an honest review, originally posted on their website here. My views have not really changed since then.

We-Vibe Melt

Loud Quiet
Weak Powerful
Poor Design Great Design
No Buildup Lots of Buildup
No squirt Divine Squirt
No Orgasm Explosive
The good
  • Beautiful ergonomic shape; doesn’t get in the way of thrusting
  • Quiet & powerful; thuddy type stimulation
  • Can be app controlled for long distance relationships
  • Silicone, waterproof, decent battery
The bad
  • Nozzle leaves annoying ring around clit if pressed too hard to skin
  • Intensities change randomly??
  • Reconnecting to the app is annoying
  • App unstable; crashes randomly

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