Review: Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation next to my Rubik's Cube for size comparison


The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is the toy that sparked the addiction to my elusive orgasms. It was a 2018 Christmas gift from my best friend. Honestly, probably one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever received to date. The pink box it came in had two safety seals – one on the top & bottom – so I knew that wherever she had bought it from, it was legit & untampered with. Props to her.

What's in the Box

Opening the box revealed a rose-colored almost-wannabe dildo device made of mostly ABS plastic housed in a clear plastic insert to keep it safe, a magnetic USB charger, and a rather lengthy manual. The bit that was intended to come in contact with skin and the buttons on the back were silicone – acceptable in my book.

First Glance

The first time I reviewed this toy, I thought the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation didn’t feel cheap – but now, after getting my hands on other toys of this caliber, it does. To this day I resent that this toy doesn’t come with a storage pouch, but it’s not much of a lint magnet.

There was some pre-charge on this toy, but the manual notes that the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation may need to charge for up to 8 hours the first time – so I left it charging overnight. The next day I fired it up in the shower.


As of March 2020, of the few magnetic USB chargers I own, this one’s by far the best. The magnets are powerful and continue to charge the toy even at odd angles, whereas other toys’ magnetic chargers fall off or simply don’t charge if they’re not perfectly aligned. While it’s charging, the power button on the back panel blinks red, when it’s done, the light remains steadily lit. It takes about 1 hour to charge.

Basic Controls

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation has very simple controls:

  • ● Short press power button to turn on – automatically starts on the lowest level.
  • ● Press the +/- buttons to cycle through the varying strengths (up to 11)
  • ● Long press (2 sec) the power button to turn it off

First Trial

Back when I first received this toy, I had less than 5 orgasms throughout my life; I had been masturbating for some 12-13 years, and my body refused to give. The first few trials were overall unsuccessful altogether. Although the sensations provided were pleasant, the first time with the Satisfyer Pro 2 did not yield any form of climax. After about half an hour of unsuccessful attempts passed, I left the shower with a swollen & oversensitive clit and headed to bed. I actually wasn’t disappointed. Even with my struggles to cum, the toy was very pleasurable.


The manual mentions that the toy works better with lubricant, but applying [Sliquid Sea] didn’t do anything for me. As with other silicone toys, please make sure to always opt for water-based lubes.

The second trial didn’t give me an orgasm either, but the third finally did – and that’s because I used it in conjunction with the Avant D1 caressing my G-Spot. This is where I had hit a bountiful gold mine. To this day, I can’t cum if I don’t have dual stimulation.

There was zero buildup with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation – that orgasm caught me by surprise. It simply ‘felt nice’ for a few minutes, and then suddenly I was in heaven. I had expected to be disappointed a third time, but instead, I was left oddly satisfied. Shortly after that, the toy stuttered to a halt – giving me about 1h 30min of fun before needing to be re-charged. Not too bad, I guess.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation’s silicone mouthpiece/nozzle-thing is kinda big. Good for bigger and smaller clits alike. Mine fits in there easily, even when it gets swollen. The silicone isn’t squishy, but instead is rather firm. I wish it had a little more plush to it, but it’s not painful (like the We-Vibe Melt’s or [Womanizer Premium’s] mouth) when pressed against my skin.

What it Feels Like

It’s important to note that this toy doesn’t vibrate. There is absolutely no suction involved. It does not feel like a significant other/lover sucking on my clit.

The inner part of the nozzle has a lil’ flappy thing that goes back and forth. It creates shockwaves. It’s somewhat visible in the photo. They travel through the nozzle-tunnel towards whatever you point it at (clit/nipples/etc). If you’ve never had one of these types of pressure wave toys, what you want to do is to imagine the following:

You’re at a rock concert, and at some point, find yourself standing in front of a gigantic speaker. Thankfully you’ve got earplugs, so some of the sound’s deafened. As the sound travels out of the speaker and towards you, you realize that you can feel the shock waves passing against your body. The mesh in front of the part that actually makes sound moves. Now imagine that feeling I mentioned before on your skin – but in a tunnel aimed towards your clit. Sound good yet?

The first half of the strengths on the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation do feel like that. But the higher you go, the more it begins to feel like a vibrator and less like a [pressure wave] type clit toy. At some point (around levels 7-8), it becomes to feel a bit buzzy, but it’s not that bad. The ‘vibrations’ do travel through the body of the toy a bit; they don't make my hand numb.

Comparisons to Other Toys

Because I adore these types of toys, I’ve put together a post about them. You can find my clitoral pressure wave toys comparison post here: [cumming soon]


The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a good introductory model to this these types of toys. It boasts a bunch of strengths/speeds. I do find, however, that it’s a bit weaker than the other toys of this type on the market.


It starts out relatively quiet, but as you go higher, it seems to become exponentially louder. At times, I wonder if the sounds of the shower are enough to drown out the toy’s noise. Thankfully, it cannot be heard under the covers & behind a closed door. The buttons on this toy are very clicky, (which can be good if you need the tactile feedback when using it on a partner) but you can hear the clicking noise from beneath the bedcovers.


As mentioned at the very beginning of this review, I don’t really like the general shape of the Satisfyer Pro 2. At first glance, it looks like a wannabe ABS plastic dildo. It’s awkward to hold. It loses skin contact (and thus ruining the sensation) more often than I’d like it to. It’s difficult to thrust or ride a [suction cup dildo] while using this toy. I can’t imagine comfortable missionary or doggy without constantly losing contact with skin. It sticks out awkwardly, and half the time, when I’m looking down at myself as I use it, I wonder if I’ve grown a rose-gold tinted, oddly-swollen penis with a magnetic charging port at the tip. Not alluring to me.

Orgasm/Squirting Notes

Basically, after two unsuccessful trials, I managed to drag out an orgasm out of my body – but only because I also had G-Spot stimulation. This toy was the first to ever make me squirt, so you may want to drop a towel under you before you begin.

 My orgasms continue to be elusive with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation a year and a half later, and when I have to choose between this toy and others of this type to make myself cum, I often end up reaching for [something else]. Additionally, climax quality has died down a little since my first one with this toy, but it still usually gets the job done.

Overall Verdict

Overall, this toy’s pretty good, but that’s it. It’s not “insane!”. If you’ve never tried this type of toy and are looking for a ‘test run’ before fully committing to something more expensive, this is the perfect candidate. It’s waterproof, the battery lasts for a good while, and it’s got that silicone nozzle.

However, if you’ve got a few of this type under your belt, and aren’t in dire need you may want to skip this model. I would be happier if this were more of a rabbit-esque type toy – I do need that G-Spot stimulation, and this toy’s shape doesn’t make it easy to tend to that. The lack of a storage bag and more color choices don’t help either.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Loud Quiet
Weak Powerful
Poor Design Great Design
No Buildup Lots of Buildup
No squirt Divine Squirt
No Orgasm Explosive
The good
  • Nozzle can be removed/replaced
  • Easy to clean
  • 1h30min battery life | 1h charging
  • Silicone
  • Waterproof
The bad
  • Shape is weird/unpleasing to hold
  • No included storage
  • Only 1 color choice
I recommend buying from these stores:
Betty's Toybox EdenFantasys

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